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Mittwoch, 14.12.2022

Insider Perspectives on Academic Careers.

A course for Master students and PhD candidates.

Donnerstag, 17.11.2022

Doctoral Academy Day 2022

Doctoral Academy Day 2022 on the Myth of Meritocracy in Academia  

Montag, 14.11.2022

Starting a company as a possible career path

PostDocs and PreDocs will learn about strategies and possibilities to found their own company. During the course, the participants will get insights…

Donnerstag, 06.10.2022

Supporting guidelines for the development talk with PraeDocs

The annual appraisal interview provides a discussion framework for development, concerns, feedback and planning for the next year. It is also an ideal…

Montag, 18.07.2022

New platform uniHELP available

Conflict management, psycho-social counselling, crisis support, and further specialised support & assistance offers

Mittwoch, 06.07.2022

Behind the Curtain

Report on the Q&A Round Table with Renate Dworczak, July 6, 2022

Donnerstag, 05.05.2022

Free German courses covered by the Welcome Center

Deadline for registration: June 26 and September 11

Donnerstag, 20.01.2022

Zum Nachschauen: Arqus Academic Debate

“Where is my (business) mind? How young researchers succeed outside academia”

Sie luden wieder zum Doctoral Academy Day: Joachim Reidl, Corinne von der Hellen, Gudrun Salmhofer, Peter Scherrer, Stefanie Lerch-Pesendorfer und Gerald Lind (v.l.). Foto: Uni Graz/Tzivanopoulos

Freitag, 05.11.2021

Digitale Spuren

Doctoral Academy Day 2021 zum Thema „Digitale Transformation“ mit Blick auf Nachwuchsforschende

University Lawn

Mittwoch, 15.09.2021

Contact person for postdocs now available!

We are looking forward to getting in touch with you.

Mittwoch, 24.02.2021

Work Abroad: New Job Info Platform for PhDs and Postdocs

Get information about open positions at the Arqus Alliance Universities

Mittwoch, 14.10.2020

Doctoral Academy Day 2020 - ONLINE EVENT

The Hitchhiker's Guide Through Academia. Internationalised Research Careers and Lives, 12. November 2020, 3.15 pm, ONLINE

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