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Mittwoch, 13.06.2018

The MentoringPLUS Programme is open to all women junior scientists from any field of research at Graz University. The programme aims to prepare and accompany female PhD students and Post-Docs for a traditional mentoring partnership. Mentees are guided to actively shape their mentoring partnership and their peer network. They shall define their goals, which they shall then work on achieving together with their mentors. Workshops and coachings support mentees in their endeavours, provide guidance and offer stimulus. This programme enhances women's scientific careers; the programme language is English.


Target group

Female PhD students and Post-Docs of any discipline at Graz University who aim to engage in supportive interaction in the shape of mentoring for their scientific career. Limited enrollment.



There are two mentoring approaches that are being offered: peer mentoring as a means to empower among equals, on the one hand, and “traditional” mentoring partnerships with experienced academic leaders as mentors, on the other hand. Via a workshop format, further education and process oriented work is offered for groups.

Kickoff: What is Mentoring at University, Peer-Mentoring and how might it be useful for me?

12 Workshops with keynote lectures, role models, interactive exercises, reflection and guidelines for career pertinent topics.

Recommendation for the mentoring partnership: 10 sessions of 1-2 hours each.

Individual coaching: two coaching sessions per mentee.

Programme ends with a certificate.


Duration: October 2018 to June 2020

Registration ends on 24 September 2018

Registration with a motivational essay and a description of oneself, both one page long, is binding. Topic of essay: Why mentoring now and what do I expect to achieve? Send to Ilse Wieser, Email: ilse.wieser(at)uni-graz.at Interviews with applicants will be scheduled.

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