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Call for Academic workshop for PhDs on international comparative research and academic writing principles

Mittwoch, 01.07.2020

International scientific conference „Academic Profession in the Knowledge-Based Society Conference Vilnius: Management and Governance of Higher Education“ invites PhD students and postdocs to participate in the Early-career Researchers’ Conference which will be held on August 19th, 2020 virtually.

This conference provides them with insights into internationally comparative research and the possibility to network with fellow PhD students and Postdocs from abroad. Early-career researchers from different countries will have an opportunity to discuss their researches, to get feedback as well as gain necessary methodological and publishing skills through the workshops in the early career conference.

Three professors facilitate academic workshops on international comparative research and publishing:

  • Liudvika Leišytė is Professor of Higher Education and Vice-Director at the Center for Higher Education (zhb) at the TU Dortmund University. Liudvika Leišytė's research focuses on academic work and organizational transformation in the context of changing institutional environment. Drawing on the sociological theories she explores the issues of professional autonomy, academic roles and disciplinary cultures, academic entrepreneurship, the dynamics of governance and management of higher education institutions, and evaluation of research and quality enhancement in higher education. Prof. Leišytė has published five (co-edited) books on reforms of higher education, governance of higher education and organizational change in universities. She has written numerous chapters in edited books including Handbook of Higher Education Theory and Research, Handbook of Science and Public Policy and edited special issues for Triple Helix and Science and Public Policy. Her work has appeared in a number of prestigious international peer-reviewed journals, including Higher Education, Science and Public Policy, Studies in Higher Education, Minerva, Public Management, Public Administration.
  • Maria Teresa Geraldo Carvalho has a PhD in Social Sciences. She is an Associate Professor at the University of Aveiro, is a senior researcher at CIPES (Center for Research in Higher Education Policies) and member of the research unit on Competitiveness, Governance and Public Policy (GOVCOPP). She is the RN Council chair in the European Sociological Association Executive Committee and a member of the Editorial Team of the Journal Professions and Professionalism. Her research interests: higher education policy and governance, academic work, higher education reforms.
  • Mónica Marquina is Senior Professor at the National University of General Sarmiento, Argentina, in the subjects of Comparative Education and Educational Policy. She is former head of the Education Department of the Institute of Human Development and current Academic Secretary of this Institute. She has aPhD in Higher Education from the University of Palermo (Argentina) and a Master´s degree at the Boston College Higher Education Administration Programme (USA). She teaches at several undergraduate and graduate courses of Educational Policy, Comparative Education, University Governance and Management, and Evaluation and Accreditation. Her research interests are in higher education policies, higher education quality assurance and academic profession. She has authored books on the Argentinean university system and many chapters and articles on Educational Policy, Higher Education Policies, Academic Profession and Comparative Education in local and international journals and books. She holds the General Secretary of the Argentinean Society of Comparative Studies in Education.

The registration is open until July 10th via this link: https://www.zhb.tu-dortmund.de/zhb/hdhf/en/apiks-conference/apiks-conference-registration/index.html

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact organizers via email ruta.bruziene(at)fsf.vu.lt.

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